Best Men’s Fitness Apps For Phones

male bodyHealth and fitness is a growing phenomenon, and while many men still visit the gym regularly, not everyone has the time.
However one way round this is to use a fitness app on your smartphone but with so many to choose from, which is the best for your circumstances?

Below is a list of 6 useful apps, covering a diverse range of smartphones currently available on the market
Smartrunner can be used on Android, iPhone, Blackberry. It can also be used on a Nokia handset which still uses the Symbian operating system.
Despite its name, the app is not aimed just at runners. It can be used for up to 14 sports from skiing to cycling.
Using it is also very simple and the information displayed covers calorie count, speed, distance and time data.
You can even upload the data to the Smartrunner website and sync the information with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter if you wish to share with your friends.
Smartunner is a free app.

If you own an iPhone then Nike+ GPS may be something to consider.
Aimed at the runner rather than a general app like Smartrunner, the software will cost a small amount of money to buy. However the features are quite useful, and include the ability to challenge yourself. It also possesses interactive mapping and accurate information on distances and speed.

If you are looking for a more general weight and fitness app then try Adidas MiCoach. Available free for Android phones, the iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia Symbian phones (and possibly those running Windows) it has inbuilt training programmes.
Users simply insert their personal details such as weight, height, age, goals and so on, and the app creates a personalised training regime.
Interestingly, the app also features a motivational voice prompt to keep you on track.
Although aimed at those who enjoy running and cycling, it may be possible to use it with other sporting activities. Data can be uploaded to the web and synced with Facebook if needed.

One app that definitely can be used for other sporting activities is Sports Tracker for use on the Symbian platform. This not only has skiing and rowing tracker capabilities but has six spaces in which you can put your own custom chosen sports.
This also has the bonus of Facebook uploading but it comes with an excellent GPS that gets your location efficiently and can even detail your altitude. If you are not a fan of Facebook, then Sports Tracker does have its own online social sharing space on the website.
A final feather in the Sports Tracker cap is the post exercise analytics report that you can get. This entails reports and graphs that capture every high and low of your run to show you how you are doing at any given time.

Another contender on the social media front is Endomondo. This app has a large online community that incorporates Gmail and Google Plus. It has even lead to this app being the catalyst for organising sporting events to take place between users. The reports are great, this one is a front runner.

Finally, we come to Cardio Trainer. This is the most expensive at $9.99 however the various modes you get are well worth it.
Make an adversary out of yourself with ‘Race Against Yourself’ modes, rather like a ghost replay on racing games, you will strive to beat your own PB. A whopping 42 sports are pre loaded onto this app and the ‘Calorie Goal’ mode is definitely one to get to grips with.

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