Eat well, train well

This is what usually happens when I meet a weight loss client:

They tell me they need to lose weight as it is consuming every aspect of their life, ruining their self esteem, having impact on their working life, love life and generally causing them a huge amount of knock on miserable effects. They tell me the weight just wont shift despite having tried every diet under the sun and been to weight watchers/slimming world/diet chef  (delete as appropriate) numerous times. Or that it did come off but 12 months later started coming back on again and they have yo-yo’ed all their lives, so they are at their wits ends and wonder if personal training could make the difference.

They tell me they hardly eat anything, apart from sometimes they have a bit too much to drink or a dessert at a restaurant….”it was tiny Kirstin, hardly worth mentioning”. They think that carbohydrates are evil and completely eradicate them from their daily consumption….apart from the odd binge! They tend to lead stressful busy lives which sometimes require wine filled girls nights in with movies and crisps to unwind from. Or that it would have been impolite to refuse a glass at the business conference dinner as they were getting close to a deal being made.

This is what I usually do alongside a comprehensive physical training program:

  • Perform a full assessment including a body fat and BMI reading
  • Explain what this means
  • Get them to keep a food diary then go through it with them
  • Educate them on the way in which they make selections and talk to them about alternatives
  • Re-check the diary
  • Discuss and re-model dietary behaviours that are obstructive to their goals and listen to their feedback
  • Re-educate, repeat, praise and reward and take a body fat and BMI reading
  • Repeat monthly until both the client and I are satisfied a healthy and sustainable dietary balance has been achieved

This is the usual result: