How to reduce stress using meditation

meditationStress is becoming a big killer in the modern decade. More and more people are getting stressed, particularly at work, where deadlines need to be met, and projects need to be completed, and it is easy to understand why.

Stress can be caused by:

  • Friends and family
  • Work
  • Your health (or lack there of)
  • Your finances
  • Fear of the unknown!

You see, stress is one of the main reasons behind any form of illness. Stress can even cause rage, which can even be responsible for suppressing your immune system, one of the most fundamental systems that keeps your body healthy and happy.

Stress is also a burden to your employer as well! It is estimated that it costs the US economy over $295 billion per year, and that is due to absences from work, compensation claims, and much more.

So it goes without saying that reducing stress not only is vitally important to your health, but also important to your employer as well.

Is there any way we can do this, without spending money on unhealthy alternatives which can cause our body all sorts of problems, such as drinking, smoking or even taking unnecessary pills or tablets?

Well, there is, and it is becoming more and more popular, as more people realise the benefits of this particular discipline.

And that’s meditation!

You see, meditation is a free, easy way to reduce stress, and more and more people are turning towards it as a way of getting back their life, and helping themselves lead more healthier, happier and fruitful lifestyles.

But doesn’t meditation require sitting in a pose for a good hour, watching your breath, and chanting a mantra, which not only takes up precious time, but can also look a bit silly?

Well, not necessarily, no…

While it’s true that some poses, which are often seen in Yoga type programs can help clear your mind, and retake that inner peace, it’s certainly not mandatory!

And lets be honest, you can’t really do a pose in the middle of your workplace, can you!

So here is a technique to meditate, that can be used almost anywhere…sitting down at a desk, running, dancing in a club, sitting in a car at a junction, waiting for the lights to turn green… almost anywhere.

This technique doesn’t require your body to do anything, making it very discreet, and that means that you can practice this anytime you want.

Lets say you’re in an office, and you have loads of work to do. Simply sit down (or keep standing if you are in this position), and take a deep breath.

Listen to the noise around you, and focus your attention on that noise. Try and blend the noises together, so you get (what sounds like) one single tone.

Keep breathing slowly, and keep paying attention to the noise that you are hearing. If you find that you can’t place your full attention there, listen to your own breaths instead.

Try to be passive about this. Don’t listen hard, just listen in a very relaxed way (which might not initially be easy, if you have a big workload). What you will find, after a short while, is an influx of peace pouring into your stomach area.

Let this peace flow through your body.

What you have done, is to simply reduced your internal mind chatter, and allowed your solar plexus chakra to open.

This technique will help you get into the present moment, and is a great, quick meditation exercise to help reduce that stress and give you clarity of mind.

Of course, the longer you do this, the better you will become, and the greater the peace that will flow into your body!


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