Join The Fitness Trend

crossfitWhile America is known for high obesity rates, the numbers for those who work out are climbing also. Since 2001, the number of women exercising regularlyhas increased by 8.6% to a total of 46.7% and the number of men reporting exercise increased by 3.5% to 49.7%.

While the men may have not jumped as high as the ladies as far as numbers, they still improved and more men still work out more than women.

Now you are probably wondering how to become more fit and join those rising percentages. Here are some great workouts and gyms that are sweeping the nation.

If you are one of those people who do not like the gym setting because they are too crowded or you just do not want to pay for a membership, P90X and Insanity are for you. These workouts will keep you moving and will shed the pounds quick if you are looking to lose weight.

P90X focuses on muscle confusion while Insanity focuses on max interval training. Muscle confusion uses both cardio and weights. This workout lasts around fifty-five minutes a day, for six days a week, for ninety days.

Insanity is a little different because it does not require any weights. You just use your body for all of the workouts and it focuses on cardio and max interval training. These videos are slightly shorter at around forty-five minutes per video.

If you want perfect abs then Insanity might be the better choice but if you want to build muscle and gain better flexibility then P90X would be the way to go. When compared, both workouts are pretty much neck and neck. After you determine your fitness goals, then decide which work out system is better. It is all up to the results you want.

Now if you are a gym buff, pay attention. CrossFit is the new gym work out that is spreading like wild fire. It was developed my Coach Greg Glassman who was the first person in history to define fitness.

It is also considered a community workout. These work outs are made to be done in groups. And it makes it much more enjoyable. It is actually effective because these workouts are done in groups. You have people to hold you accountable and to push you along.

These workouts are very intense. Some of the workouts include pull-ups, running, box jumps, and heavy weights. The workouts usually utilize three to four different individual workouts such as the pull-ups and box jumps. Almost all of them have a time limit such as twelve or eighteen minutes and you have to do as many rounds as you can within the allotted time.

CrossFit today has a worldwide network of more than 5,500 gyms and more than 35,000 accredited trainers. And because of the growing participation, they have created the Sport of Fitness, known as the CrossFit games. This is where people compete to be crowned the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth.

The only possible downside to CrossFit is that it can be pricey. It is generally the same price wherever you go. For unlimited access it costs $100 per month. But if you only want to do two or three days, you can pay a lesser amount.

But if money is an issue, it is not impossible to do CrossFit. You can get online and go to their homepage to look up the WOD or the workout of the day. Most of these you cannot do at home but if you go to a local gym you can do these workouts there. The CrossFit website also provides free content such as workouts, training, and support for becoming fit.

If you want to lose a great amount of weight or just start a healthier lifestyle, these options will definitely lead you there. Do not forget that diet has a lot to do with fitness. The healthier you eat the quicker you will lose weight and see results. It does not matter if you work out in your home or in the gym, you can achieve the goals you desire.

Bree Pashman is a Wichita Reserve Firefighter and a fitness blogger.