Is it Possible to Lose Weight Fast in this Fast Pace Society?

breakfastDo you ever feel like you are going non-stop? When you finally have time to sit down and rest, you think: “I forgot what this felt like”. Going back and forth from work, school, and wherever else you need to go, it’s possible to find yourself very busy. Your life can become cluttered and it can be easy to give in to the temptation of “eating on the fly”.

Did you ever think the obesity epidemic in the world today could possibly be because of this fast pace lifestyle?

Losing Weight Fast
Is it possible to lose weight fast in this fast pace world?
Knowing how to lose weight fast when you feel like there is not much extra time for exercise, is a great comfort.

Piling on the pounds can be pretty easy and shedding them can seem pretty hard. With some tweaks in your diet and a little exercise, you can be well on your way to losing weight. Read More…

3 Questions Personal Trainers Get Asked Every Day


How do I lose weight?

You need to consider aerobic exercise, strength training and your diet. Most effective weight loss clients combine an aerobic training plan with a strength building plan. The best type of aerobic plan for fat loss is not necessarily the one that burns the highest percentage of fat in the fuel mixture but in fact the one that burns the most calories per minute.

This is a higher intensity aerobic session and is due to the after burn effect of these sessions as well as the high number of calories that are burnt during them. An example is an interval session, you may hear people talking about HIIT sessions, this acronym stands for high intensity interval training.
The best type of strength training session for weight loss are ones that incorporate compound moves, as such they target the most muscle recruitment thus require the most energy.
Of course all of this could be in vein if your diet isn’t clean. In most cases your personal trainer will put together a food plan for you that will take into consideration your lifestyle alongside your likes and dislikes.

He or she will calculate your fuel requirement and training plan and suggest a healthy split between all the food groups such that you eat the right amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat. As an example, we’re able to calculate the daily calorie deficit required in your food intake so that you can safely and gradually loose a couple of pounds of fat a week. Read More…