Studio training

For 15 years I’ve stood on Brighton’s seafront, parks and Downs working as a personal trainer.

That’s 15 winters. That’s 75 cold months. That’s 322 cold weeks. That’s 1932 cold days/nights.

I am not a machine, I am getting “on a bit” and so……I am now the very proud owner of a purpose built Brightonfit studio for the next 1932 cold days!

The Brightonfit studio location was important as I wanted it to be close to town and the South Downs, I finally picked a location North of Benfield Valley at the foot of the Downs which is a 5min drive from Hove. The studio is double height so that any type of suspension work, club bell training or kettlebell or swing can be performed inside.

It has a fully loaded squat rack and a complete range of free weights, stability balls, concept II rowing machine, cycle trainer, boxing kit, clubs, bells and much more. The emphasis is on natural functional training so the space is uncluttered and allows plenty of floor space for body weight movement flows and small group sessions. Best of all there is no MTV!