High intensity training

Once your base fitness level has been established and you feel a little more comfortable with your exercise routine we may start to look at  preparing some more intelligent training  for you.

Intelligent training describes working the body using a sophisticated approach, likely to incorporate a variety of training protocols and often fashioned around a principle of high intensity work outs.

These workouts are performed at such a high intensity that your body requires the rest of the day to expend energy recovering (and so burning fat) Sometimes as much as nine times the fat burnt as compared with an hour on the treadmill at a moderate pace!

Obviously the workout can only be performed at an absolute maximum for a short amount of time (usually between 20secs and 60secs) It may be bodyweight movement flows, as in the video clip, often used in a tabata format (20secs work, 10 secs rest repeat 8 times for 8 exercises):

It may be using weights, kettlebells or clubbells or it could be included in a running session on the flat, through water, using a hill or the beaches pebbles.

Whatever the structure, the duration of session is much shorter than a traditional workout yet yields immense gains in muscle strength, fat burning and fitness levels and so is a very popular session choice. Rest of course is key, never more so then when putting the body through such tough workouts as these.